@ SunvAI during Covid-19

Voluntary Project - Developed a Natural Language Search in COVID-19 Notifications 
from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India
Click here for Beta solution - Powered by AI search stack from SunvAI.in
Jun 2020, speaking at "India Technology Week @ Home 2020", topic "Entrepreneurship During and Post Covid-19"

Given current time of covid-19, this talk focused on — 

1. How has the scenario changed for entrepreneurs? 
2. What are new ways of doing business and getting support/funding? 
3. How can entrepreneurs help in fighting through this crisis? 
4. What can they expect going forward? 
5. What are new opportunities now, and going forward in post covid world?

Jun 2020, Judged "Restart India Hackathon 2020" (online) for building solutions around problems that arose due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic