Modern day's "The Merchant of Venice"

Watched Shylock last evening. 

The story was based on William Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice. The play was good.. felt it to be a little slow in between.. however, I also agree that artist has a right to define the pace of his work. 
The most noticeable factor was that the ending of the play was changed.
And in the play when Antonio were to loose his life as he ought to let Shylock take a pound of flesh from his body as per the agreed bond, nobody came to help him. In the situation of do or die, Antonio himself figured out the loophole in the agreement, and helped himself - that was not similar to the original story that I had read during my growing up years. 
As a first reaction, I felt that I didn't like the ending of the play where other people -especially Antonio's brother and his fiancee for whom Antonio got into this trouble - were portrayed as selfish, and not bothered with what was happening to Antonio. 
Later it sank in with me, and I realised that this is how times have changed where the Antonio got into trouble in order to help his brother; who requested Antonio when he was in need. However, when the resulted difficulty arose at Antonio's end, his brother was never shown to have turned up etc.; and the problem was reflected to become Antonio's problem - and no moral responsibility was shown to have taken by his brother, or brother's fiancee. 
And it just conveys that one should just mind his own business. Helping is good but not at the cost where you are risking too much at your end to help others. In short, in today's times, one should learn to say NO, and not be an emotional fool. 
In the play, Antonio tried fighting, got tired, gave in .. and then came a point when he hit the bottom, and attempted to fight till his last breath, and won. 
And it just conveys, that in the times of today when people mind their own business, they'd rarely come helping you when you are in need .. and the only person who can help you is "YOU" yourself. 
Times have changed for good or bad; but in the time of today one should follow a few basic principles -
  1. Mind your own business. 
  2. Put your own oxygen mask, before helping others.
  3. Think before you speak.
  4. Don't expect from others.
  5. Make yourself capable to fight your own battles. 
  6. Never-ever give up :)