Flooding with choices..

After putting a Facebook page for my first book, 'life, Odds & Ends', I thought of creating a blog. I think, talk, write, mail etc., but I have never created a blog before. Thought of checking a good application for the same on my iPad. And I was flooded with results (choices).

Which one to choose? - was a question to be answered before starting. So as a first step, I went to see free apps. Did it solve my problem? - "NO". "Ok, let me sort based on popularity", I thought. And did  so. Still same confusion. Various sorts, like relevance, topic etc also did help me make up my mind.

I realised, I am being flooded with choices. And that makes one confused and stressed at times. I desperately need handholding if I am new. Meaning of "less is more" was very clear to me. I also realised many reasons behind aggressive marketing as well. And I did pity an individual being lost and caught.

Many a times, I have my eureka moments. I had one more sometime back.

Though, I had started the idea of blog to write something close to the text in book. But, I ended up writing about my experience  of selecting a blog site. And then I realised this only is life. Each small thing we do and feel makes a moment of life. The way each small drop contributes to ocean, each small moment contributes to life. But do we remember it, probably not. If I don't feel so intense about it at this time to take a note, this moment and feeling will get lost somewhere. Many times the loss is situational, say, if I had a meeting and a busy day ahead, I would not get time to write it. In certain situation, I'd not get a chance to talk also about it. Sometimes we choose to be that way, that defines our personality OR that is defined by our personality.

There are people, who would like being that way - focusing on so called big things - ready to miss small things. This is obvious as time is constant - what you do in that, only varies. I choose to think and write.

So my choice is to not to go to office and write code and make money. My choice is also not thinking of making money at this time, and being a full-fledge business women. My choice is also not to have party-time now. .... There would be so many options, I have an option to choose from at this point of time, and I choose to think and write. Why? There could be two reasons - 1. I have a compulsion to do so. 2. I have a freedom to do so. Compulsion and freedom are not two very different things in my perspective. They are just defined by our inner self  or our fears.

At one end things look very complex. On the other hand they look so simple and illusive. It is taking me to the concepts of attachment and detachment. Am I getting another book idea?

In 15 min. I got to rush as I choose to keep my commitment of meeting s'one. I did it as it gives me peace, may be its easy for me to write a vague blog then to break s'ones heart. It could have been other way round too. Each such min defines me, and makes my life. It gives me a very important lesson too - if I take a few min to visualise how my choices would define my path, I would know the future. And if I don't like that, I need to choose a different thing. I'm talking about making conscious decisions. And living a conscious life. It's interesting. As either I know what I'm doing and what I'd loose also as a result of it. It helps me accept my life. It helps me become a contained person.

Many-times if it doesn't happen, it means I have not been able to think or understand right - Gives me points to work on. It makes me proud owner of my life as I choose it. It makes me a satisfied person as I have acceptance. The day I am able to practice it completely, I become complete.


  1. Hi Anvita,
    It is great to read your inspiring post. Keep choosing with your heart.
    By the way, I loved the preview you sent me.
    All the best,

    1. Hi @Andri Lindbergs,

      I am glad that you liked it.



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