A few thoughts on #MeToo

I understand that a person with more power (in a context) might try to use/abuse the weaker party, or take advantage.

And simple reason for it to happen is that the weaker party (in the same context) fears, or compromises under certain circumstances, or is limited by her ability to oppose.

Even if one wants to fix it, many factors may stop one from raising a voice -- starting from inner-inertia, to present-position, to external-pressures .. or just an inability to prioritise stuff in the daily run.

Q: How can any kind of wrong-doing be stopped?

A: I see only two possibilities --
1. By creating an extremely good social value system, and a perfect society
2. Having a very-very strong enforcement of law and order.

Given the fact that icons after icons are falling, the society needs to undergo a BIG transformation for pt#1 to happen. While we figure how (or if) pt#1 takes place, lets look at pt#2.

To support pt#2, without bringing religion here, I'd want to refer to the village of Shani Shingnapur, located in the Ahmednagar District in the state of Maharashtra, has no front doors and hardly any locks as the residents believe that they are protected from any robbery by the Hindu deity Shani.
Because robbers fear Shani's punishment for their wrong doing.

Now, if I talk about four pillars of Democracy, People and Media do their share of talking anyways (and here also facts do get diluted by certain intent of certain individuals) but system creation is responsibility of Government, and enforcement of law is that of Legal System -- and if they don't use the best of technology and resources for the needy and in a speedy way, the wrong-doers would always find their room to exist.

So, after hearing difficult experiences of other women, I do empathize. And I also feel lucky for having been on the greener side of grass, so no personal narratives w.r.to sexual harassment in my professional journey.

(May be) As a result following shared narration itself was a big deal for me -- that I raised my voice against last year.

Further, as they say, it all starts with a thought only -- let me add -- while we question and advice, lets also do our own share of offering a helping hand to the needy. And through this post, I'm offering mine. Pl. do not hesitate to reach out.

A. Let me admit that I did feel bullied once or twice in different contexts in my professional journey, but not sharing them as they are not relevant to this topic.
B. Pl. read the following shared FB post (pic), where, let me also add that a few 'so called feminists and/or supporters of right-doing' were part of the meeting, but I was the only person who raised voice.

Pic: Screenshot from my FB wall