Proposals Invited for "The Turning Point" - a story of YOU

Proposals Invited for "The Turning Point" - a story of YOU

Hi All: 

Pl. read till end for details - 

Many of us are good in multiple things, but given the education and circumstances we work in a particular domain/field/area. 

Many don't feel satisfied, and try changing things in/around - but may not remain persistent. 

Many look for distractions.

Many give up.

Many absorb.

Many have no choice.


We can explain and add a long list of reasons here.

But, a few wake up and decide that it's enough. They take a turn understanding that its only one life to live. Try for a change and prove themselves too in the new place / domain/ area etc. 

Classic examples of the same in Indian culture are Gautam Buddha, and Ashoka - the great. 

To give a few examples of known personalities of today - Remo Fernandes, an engineer by education but musician by profession - took a turn and proved himself. And not just that -one story about him that I witnessed - in the year 2000 (don't remember exact date), Remo perfumed at IIT Kanpur. The show was amazing, we all enjoyed. Then they had to leave for Goa. That time, Kanpur didn't have an airport, and people had to go to Lucknow by car to board the flight at Lucknow airport. So Remo's group was in one car, and he was in other for the way to lucknow to board the plane - met an accident. Members of his group died on the spot. They were brought back to the Health Centre at IIT Kanpur, and I saw Remo standing alone on the road at Campus, and crying. There was a silence at his end/in his career for few months/years. A few years later when I was at IIT Madras, I saw him again performing and it was a very strengthening feeling to see him back. 

Then, we know Dr. Palash Sen, and an IITian (whose name is slipping out of my mind at this point) who was a strong wall behind Greenpeace organisation.

[Do check out on wikipedia/google for details, if you have not heard the above mentioned names]

A few of us may have such stories, a few untold ones as well. 

So here, -

I invite entries (in a brief para or two) about such stories, of yourself, or the person you know and agrees that you can communicate his/her story. 

▪ Selected entries would be considered to be discussed in detail, and be written about by me. 
▪ It would be an year and half long project, in which I target to cover about 15 personalities. I plan to start on this idea in Sept this year, and cover one personality per month.

So do send in you proposal, and the gist of your story - the selected ones would hear back from me by Sept end., then then we would proceed with the defined schedule. 

Last date for sending entries is extended to Sept 15th, 2014. 

Send in your proposal AT with the subject to the mail as "The Turning Point".

Best Regards,

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