SunvAI - developments - from May to Aug 2018

At professional front, a major span of time has been invested in developing clarity on "what to build" under SunvAI - given the fact that it's one of it's kind of concept - may be ahead of times too. 

Some of the stories about inception of SunvAI and vision ahead were also published (links following) -

Apart from that I also enjoyed interacting with audience at AbInBev during my talk titled "WHAT’S INSIDE THE BLACK-BOX OF A ML/AI BASED SYSTEMS?" with 'Topic Abstract':

  • In this talk we would understand “What’s inside the Black-Box of ML/AI based systems?"
  • I would take you through the journey of possible consciousness that software and systems would achieve in near future using ML — the step-by-step evolution of the same.
  • We would also walk through the automation aspect, as a result of it - and then try understanding the underlying ML layer for making it happen.
  • The information in DATA - its types and complexities associates, and methods and architecture for handling this information for enabling the stated possibilities.
  • We would also try understanding challenges from enterprise perspective - specially ones, which have grown and evolved over years.
  • What gaps between reality and technology they would have to face, and how to overcome them.

I'm excited to explore how things unfold here - in upcoming months - and years :)