And that is why not everyone is Krishna ... and not all "Gyan" (wisdom) is Gita ..

I observe people and what they say.

I use the word "say" as I see very few actually doing things other than talking.

Most people feel that they have to awaken s'one else;

And I think, "How fake?"

Krishna, not only gave wisdom of Gita to Arjuna, but he had also been there in the war-field with Arjuna.

During a conference, I was talking to someone and in a context I said, "Vedas were written thousands of years ago, but bad continued to exist and grow. And one can conclude that knowledge without synchronised actions doesn't show result."

I observe what people say -
- people criticise hate and wrong actions;
- people criticise media working for TRP;
- people criticise politics and related games;
- people speak for friends than facts;
- people speak if they are being benefited;
- people criticise pseudo-feminism;
- people give mixed responses to waxed-men;
- people celebrate gender equality;
- people criticise delays in justice;
- people celebrate justice.

So, there are many such issues that people feel 'happy' or 'angry' about.

I may ask people, "What are you actually doing about it? Can you selflessly help promote good things? Can you really contribute to solve some of these alarming issues?"

And typically answers to this question would be silences, or excuses of being busy and so on.

I may think, "Why this duality?"

And the answer is that -
- Everyone loves to gossip either on trivial topics or on topics of importance to satisfy the inner quest of appearing intelligent; but choosing to act is difficult;
- Action is hard and requires effort.
- Talking is relaxing sometimes but action is exhausting.
- In the context of internet and TV - it's easier to use 'fingers' on devices, than using the 'whole body' to come out and act.

And that is why not everyone is Krishna ... and not all "Gyan" (wisdom) is Gita ..