So, is it innocent until proven guilty or the other way round?

As final verdict is out on Bawa Ram Rahim, most of the people express happiness on social media. Many people also link the topic with other Bawas in business

Yesterday's ET Panache had an article titled "Took a stab at murder and writing" mentioning Liu Yongbiao's taken into custody, and stating "Here are other crime writers whose acts were as evil as some of the villains they penned down in their books"... pic of the article is given below.

As I think deeply, I realize that the real problem is that we emphasise success so much that people do get pressurise to become and remain successful. 

You can reflect that unlike professions like sports, where performance can be measured in relatively transparent manner, many professions rely on image building and creating a fan/following - and give scope to the existence of grey areas. 

It can be understood by examples mentioned in news articles that for image building people do follow/create/live with an image, but few of them are also unable to sustain it as their basic human needs start to pull them -- then may they be needs related to physical urges, or the greed/ambition/pressure of remaining successful -- many end up with some kind of 'wrong-doing'. 

I remember reading the book The difficulty of being good by Gurcharan Das - where the author has linked wrong-doing in the context of today with emotions/stories of Mahabharata and basic human emotions. 

I try to think what is it reflecting? and how can we correct it? -- as I try understanding who is at fault, the individual (in question) or the society/social-structure, or basic human needs/emotions?

As we talk about wrong doing and justice, we notice that in real world 'influence and power' also play a role, and in many cases justice takes time (like 15 yrs for Ram Rahim case) -- where you can also think of the situation of the other side who has spent 15 significant years of her life fighting for justice.

I think of sayings like 'justice delayed is justice denied' ... and I also ask if one is innocent until proven guilty - or - is it the other way round?? What does the data say?

PS: BTW, there are other issues also impacting us like global warming and resulted rains, as shown in this documentary "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power" ... We all must contribute our bit towards right-doing no matter what issue it is.