On recent developments in copyright lawsuit related to my book "Life, Odds & Ends"

I have noticed Chetan Bhagat’s posts on social media about the developments in copyright lawsuit related to our books; and the situation of uttering the line ‘Ashwatthama mara gaya’ from the epic Mahabharata (where ‘kintu haathi’ went unheard) came up in my mind. Hence, I’m here to share the completeness of facts -
  1. The case is pending and is in progress; and it is only the temporary injunction - that was granted till ‘next’ hearing - that has been relaxed. 
  2. In fact, in a way it’s okay that interested people can now buy and compare both books and see the similarity in the structure of story - with a careful read. 
    1. I also want to add that after the last injunction order I said that people can read and compare the books; and later I noticed that most people (even responsible authors) just shared opinions and no single person pointed ‘how that would be possible with the injunction order’. 
    2. So now people can read both books and be more fact based - than just sharing opinions. 
  3. The legal process typically takes time (even years). And as an author I can only highlight similarities, and I’m firm with my points; and we would go though the process. 
  4. To iterate my points, I am just sharing the link to uncut video recordings done for one of the interviews after the last court order @ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2E8ZKyncCTN5LPa1aAjUdls5mzQcunn7
Hope it answers the questions.

Thanks again to everyone who has been a support to me during this difficult time, and cared to be more fact-based.

- Anvita.