I Feel... I Think... Pages from My Diary

A few days ago, after I announced my third book, one of my friends wrote, “Anvita, you are writing books faster than I can read.”
It brought smile to my face; and I wrote her back, “Don’t worry! My books contain short chapters (short-stories and articles) ... therefore, they could very well be read by people who are just too busy in life. You read a story and then continue with your life; and get back to it after a few days or weeks and read the next story or chapter.”
So, for people like her who love to read and reflect but sometimes get limited by time, I proudly present my third book I FEEL... I THINK... Pages from My Diary.
This book is a placeholder for a rich collection of articles on topics for inspiration and self-help, including current affairs, everyday experiences, business & technology, parenting, and general observations on life and self.
You can ‘go green’ by downloading it on the Kindle app on your mobile device; and read it on the go, or while waiting in queue, or while for your partner/customer to arrive for the meeting, or any such small duration of time that typically goes waste in figuring out what to do.
Buy your copy now, and share the news with your family and friends.
Author’s Note
I really like the term Life Long Learning — for it is true; at each phase of life we have something to figure out and we keep learning as a result. Learning is a subconscious activity. We not only learn in classroom by formal training methods, but we also learn based on our observations and experiences.
This book I FEEL... I THINK... Pages from My Diary contains a collection of my thoughts and reflections on varied topics. This book is written based on my observation and experiences in real life, that helped me to learn something new, or to understand an age-old concept.
Many of these articles are already published; and I have also shared a few such write-ups in my blogs, and other social media posts. The published articles were widely shared and liked; and a few responses from the readers of these published articles are also included under the heading ‘Praises / Responses’ in this book. And this book is a placeholder for a rich collection of such assorted write-ups; along with new articles that have not been published before.
I see this book as a unique collection where you can read my thoughts on self-help topics that can help you refine your life; and you can also resonate with my experiences as a parent with my daughter Yashoda (nickname Khushi). Next, you can read my thoughts on random topics — such as, how to interpret the shape of a number; and you can also relate with my reflections on certain incidents, significant movies and people, and these thoughts can help you develop a better understanding of life; and you can also understand the concepts in business and technology and learn how they can be linked with your own life.
As I proudly present this collection to you, I also want to express my gratitude and give due credit to each person who has crossed my life and enriched it — directly or indirectly — with the experiences based on which I have drafted these articles.
Each observation and experience mentioned in this book has helped me become a better person, and I am sure that a reflection and a thought of the same would help you too.
Do enjoy reading and reflecting on it.
- Anvita.