Turning Inwards

Its not just the selfless attitude or our soldiers, that enables us to sleep peacefully in our houses, while they stay awake there at the border ..

Its not just the sacrifice that their families make in their day-to-day living ..

But, its much more.

And I noticed this ‘Much More’ factor after speaking with Dinesh bhaiya, a senior teacher at Art of Living ashram, as he was sharing his desire of creating a Peaceful World. 

I close my eyes and visualize a world, where everyone is Peaceful, Happy, and with No Negative Feelings .. in that world there would be No Fears, No Wars, and No Resulted Sacrifices of a those ’Significant Lives’ .. I again close my eyes, and say, "Aameen" (meaning that I wish for it to happen) .. I wonder if we all can Turn Inwards in our own ways .. 

Sharing this excerpt from the second story titles “Turning Inwards” of the book titled "TURNING POINTS of uncommon people”:

Dinesh bhaiya who has been serving as an Art of Living teacher for more than two decades now, has his parents and siblings residing in Pune. His father was in Indian army; and he had witnessed the 1961 and 1971 wars. 
“Fighting against someone who does wrong” - It was a thought that grew in Dinesh bhaiya’s mind as he was growing up; it might also be an influence of his father being in army. 
He recalled that as a young boy, he wanted to do something for the country and its people; and he wanted to end all the wrong things in this world. However, he didn’t know how to do so. 
He said, “I remember that my anger used to rise seeing any bad behaviour. But I also knew that I couldn’t end evil with the power and position that I had as a child. And as a strategist, I used to prepare my hidden list of bad people. I used to think of using violence against them to bring justice; and for making this world a better place to live in. 
He further added, “The exploitation of a person or his wealth, dishonesty, or any other such thing or behaviour was not something that I could accept; and felt strongly towards ending it using violence.” 
‘Thinking of violence to bring justice’ might sound little extreme here, but that was the method thought by this young boy to end evil. It might have been the effect of the war stories heard, or other literature, stories and situations that he had observed. However, that’s how his young mind worked.

PS: Do read the full story, to read the journey of his transformation .. e-book is available @ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LZB3VBM .. paperback copies would be available shortly .. I Would appreciate your review/comments on the book/concept as you read it :)