Fifth story titled 'Profession, Passion & Push'

Fifth story in the book is of an IIT alumnus, ‘Dr. Thomas A. Kodenkandath’, commonly known as ‘Thommy’, who has not only authored more than 70 research papers and a number of patents, but is also an award winning cartoonist. 

The story titled ‘Profession, Passion & Push', talks about various turns in Thommy’s life, including him exploring his talent of cartooning as a child, and making it visible to the world. 

The story also uncovers how a meeting with famous cartoonist Mr. R. K. Laxman changed Thommy’s life — further to which he has learnt to live by balancing his passion and profession both. 

Thommy resides in Denver, USA with his wife and three daughters.

PS: from my upcoming book titled "TURNING POINTS of uncommon people" - by Anvita Bajpai