Author's Turning Point :)

From the back cover of her upcoming book titled "TURNING POINTS of uncommon people" by 'Anvita Bajpai' :)

Anvita Bajpai – Human-centric Product Visionary, Speaker and Author – is an alumna of IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore. She has over 13 years of R&D experience with MNCs like Oracle, Satyam and Wipro, and with startups like Decidyn (as AVP), Vimagino and her own ventures. Anvita has published research papers, filed patents, and written business and technology articles, and has been invited as a speaker at leading conferences such as UXINDIA (2013, 2014), WIAD 2015, Developer Summit 2015 and RSD 2016. She has also given guest lectures at IIM Bangalore.

Anvita came to her turning point — the publication of her first book, Life, Odds & Ends — after conducting a social study for one of her technology products. In the form of fictional short stories, Anvita expressed her contextual observations. Subsequently, she gave related talks at literary forums and institutions (including UIUC, IL, USA), and her events and interviews were published by leading newspapers like The Hindu, Times of India and Deccan Chronicle.

Responding to her book and related events, many people have spoken or written to her to share their life experiences. A few such true incidents of listening to the inner calling or taking a plunge inspired Anvita to work on this book, in an effort to bring out the uncommon stories of common people. These 14 true stories feature individuals belonging to different age groups, backgrounds and geographical locations, and highlight their explorations related to finding the right equation for their individual needs in the realms of career, passion, family and well-being. Anvita, based on her study of human lives, brings a larger philosophical perspective to the narratives in this book.

Anvita lives in Bangalore with her daughter and husband, enjoying the integration of her family life and writing with her technology ventures.