9th story titled 'What’s Next Then?'

Many people would see ‘Prafull Sharma’ being a lucky one who is an IIT alumnus, possessed a decade long career in GE, along with having a family life with his wife, son and his IITian younger brother in Bangalore. 

Yet, Prafull felt a void inside. The subtle point reflected in story is that humans are never satisfied — which is also needed for evolution. The story titled ‘What’s Next Then?’ talks about the middle path that Prafull has taken to balance his explorations of self along with managing his family responsibilities while taking a plunge in his life. 

Prafull, at present, is a Doctoral Fellow at in UK at Cranfield University, and is also in the process of rolling out his startup. 

PS: from my upcoming book titled "TURNING POINTS of uncommon people" - by Anvita Bajpai