On "Hyderabad Techie Commits Suicide As His Social Networking Startup Fails"

Read this post titled "Hyderabad Techie Commits Suicide As His Social Networking Startup Fails".
It was sad to know.
I guess people shouldn't take their profession so personally.
Specially, startups - they should be prepared to handle 99% failure, as opposed to 1% success - as reported.
Starting up could be the most rewarding, yet most risky path that one decides to take.
Ups and downs - both - test the strengths and abilities of the individual.
I think the formula to remember - for anyone who starts up - is -
  1. Try honestly with proper knowledge/team in place for business and technology.
  2. Give it time, say 18 months, and keep trying in that duration.
  3. After 18 months (or whatever is the right time for your startup), assess which of the following - A, B, or C - is applicable to you:
A. Enjoy the success, and grow.
B. Move on to the next idea.
C. Go join a job, if no idea in mind works, and the person is also financially broken.
In case of option 'C', if social pressure bothers at time, than one could go travelling and see the world.
Or Be with someone who is more needy.
And define a new 'Perspective' and 'Purpose' in life.
Startup is not only about taking the courage of starting up and handling the market and technology.
Starting up is also about handling one-self, if things don't work as one visualises.
Anyhow, many times if it's difficult to live by the knowledge learnt. 
May he rests in peace. 
- Anvita.