Bridging Gap between Research and Industries

"Bridging Gap between Research and Industries" - a panel discussion for Research Scholar's Day 2016 at IIT Madras on April 9, 2016

Enjoyed the panel discussion with other knowledgeable co-panelists - on a very contextual topic - "Bridging Gap between Research and Industries”.

The conclusion is that we can have great products/solutions only when research mindset, and industry process join hands - in a most productive way.

I spoke about different levels of maturity in the research environment in different companies.

I also detailed my own career journey, as a researcher - along with a few other alumni, whose stories I have covered for my upcoming book "Turning Points".

I emphasised that -
  1. "Alignment" is important - for research to real business needs, and for industry to provide right research environment.
  2. "Collaboration" is needed at various levels of solution building - and it has to be part of one's attitude.

Further, it always feels great to visit IIT Madras campus where I have spent significant years of my life as student.

PS: It felt the real "growth", seeing my pic/name on banners/posters all over the campus.

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