Understanding the right placement - in your own life

I have spoken about this example of Krishna [as also quoted in this article, by Devdutt Pattanaik, titled - "As corporate executives spend more time at work, they pay a price back home"], and many more examples during my talks that I have given whole of 2014, after the launch of my book "Life, Odds & Ends".
Stories in the book are fiction, but my talks include the research done while writing those stories - based on the facts like this - not only from mythology but also from people from todays world - big & small both.
The kind of insights I have further gained during Q&A etc., after the talks - would be base of many more write-ups in pipeline (as at present focus is on current writing projects in hand), but this one is a very important topic that I really felt good working on.
Seeing this article reflects that may be I should occasionally repeat those talks, inspite of the fact that other projects are taking shape, and keeping me over-occupied. 
I would also love to quote this post titled - "Live, Evolve, Create & Nurture" - that you may read - written further to my recent discussion with Mrs. Nilekani.
Last Sunday evening I was part of this play by Girish Karnad, "Boiled Beans on Toast" - and reflected on the similar concept raised in different situation.
Voices are being raised. A change is needed.