Picture perfect - with not-so-perfect people :)

Many friends have called to ask the 'story behind', after I shared the following pic on FB, early this year. Even yesterday, one friend asked this question as we meet .. and I thought it needs to be posted and here it is ...

Let me define the concept - theory - first, and then narrate the story as an example of the same ..
The concept is that we - man and women - are different, and do well with our individual strengths .. A few abilities are very uniques to the gender - for example - child bearing by women.. but certain abilities could be developed with changing times, say driving or cooking could be learnt, as needed, by woman and man respectively ..  
The important point here is that any new skill learnt takes time for it to reach its perfection.. And we all know it as we were all born naive, and took our time to learn things ..  
But the problem, with adulthood, and adult friends/partners is that they expect too much at times ... and that builds a pressure for the person on learning end ... and results into jokes-creations at the person on the observation side... While the better environment would be where difference/gap is respected .. that means that instead of jokes, tolerance is developed.. and instead of pressure, ability is developed... 
Also, if things are not at their best, one has to defend and stand strong, rather then feeling pressurised, and giving up ...
Now, as I have articulated the concept - theory - the story (example) follows -

When I was not that good in driving, and was learning to be so, many-times I felt being commented on, or advised unnecessarily by family and friends .. I didn't like it .. 

And one day (long back), when my husband pointed to something that I had done wrong while driving, I exploded, "Why didn't you marry Kalpana Chawla? .. she would have known how to manage a rocket."

He realised that I need time and patience and not constant criticism .. which he provided later on, and I learnt driving ... Perfectly ... :)

He further related with me as I taught him cooking and ate all experimentally cooked meals in the process - without complains - and today he thanks me for helping him develop that skill :)
So the conclusion is that its good to support - provided that one knows it ... but many times even our loved ones don't know when/where we need support, and that is when its our responsibility to be strong, to continue developing ourselves, and not give up just because we are not understood ... 
The thumb rule is - If you understand yourself, just be persistent .. One day the world would understand you !!! :)
Later, once as we took our daughter to the aerospace museum, and saw this pic... that Kalpana Chawla example came to our minds and we started to laugh .. 

V said, "It deserves a click." .. :)