Live, Evolve, Create & Nurture

Met Mr. & Mrs. Nilekani, during an event, where Mrs. Rohini Nilekani shared her thoughts on various social issues that she has been working with.. 

Having written Life, Odds & Ends - by Anvita Bajpai, and having done related research on human's ways of living, during Q&A, I shared my philosophy with the group. 

I talk about this concept where I say that for a good life, a good balance of "Live, Evolve, Create & Nurture" is important. 
Of course, there are issues with underprivileged people, where food, water and education needs attention. However, even for privileged ones things are not that green. 
Here, for so called privileged people, focus has continued to be only on evolution (globalisation | growth | 24*7 business etc.), and we ignore the other three parts of it - that is - Living, Creation and Nurturing. 
Society goes through change all the time - that is evolution. However, with changing times, we also need to learn to live in a new but balanced manner so that the quality of human life is always improved. 

Mrs Nilekani said, "Thanks for raising this topic." She agreed that this is a very important need of our society. 

Many other people present also raised similar concern about the quality of human life in some or the other manner. 

At the end, I'd conclude that as educated individuals, we all are responsible for the quality of our own lives, and also of lives of who we work/live with. Lets just be cautious and target living a balanced and meaningful life. 

- Anvita.