Greeds vs. Needs

"Greeds vs. Needs" - title of one of the stories of "The Turning Point" book - covering two IIT Bombay Alumni, Mr. Khurshed Batliwala, and Mr. Dinesh Ghodke - who instead of exploring further heights in science and technology, went into exploring the true meaning of lives - for their own, and then for the people of this planet called Earth ..
Youngest teachers of Art of Living, to their followers they are known as "Bawa n Dinesh Bhaiya"..
Bawa also loves cooking and music, apart from focusing on solving real miseries of human life, than solving problems of theoretical mathematics..
Dinesh puts it very simply during the conversation that the needs of a human being can always be met but not the greeds..
More about them - based on my my interaction with them as an author, and also as an IIT alumni - is in the story ...
Story completed over past few months .. recently got a go green signal ... hence a delayed update on the same :)
You got to wait to read it until 2016 as more stories for the book are yet to be covered :)