"Life is Good" - when YOU make it :)

"Life is Good" is true in relative measures - for YOU.

At the time of birth one knows nothing. And he learns. 

He learns to walk, and life gets better than what it was - for him. He learns to talk, and it becomes further better. 

In short, with each new skill learnt, life becomes better then what it was for him. 

There is a saying - either you win or you learn -- Absolutely true. 

With already acquired skill or ability, one wins, or he learns something new and prepares himself for future. 

That's the life .. and it's GOOD :)

Here, time is an important parameter to note. 

Life could be better than what it was during last moment, or last minute, or last hour, or last day, or last week, or last month, or last year and so on .. 

As it's not a linear curve, there are fluctuations. Still as long as one is able to find a time window to notice betterment, "Life is Good" :)

However, its not just being optimistic in false sense, or away from reality, but its about feeling hopeful and motivated for moving ahead.

It doesn't mean that there would be no downtime that can affect YOU. 

But what it means is that you have the ability to come out of those 'local minima' - to the extent that in extreme situations, you act like a Phoenix that takes birth from its ashes and lives a life again. 

Downtime is like a realisation of your abilities to YOU.

It comes to tell you, you need to learn to handle this situation. 

Victory is in realisation of the reality, and figuring out means to overcome the difficulty, and then again continuing to move ahead in life.

YOU do not exist in Isolation.

As we are all interconnected, somewhere YOU influence others and also get influenced by external factors.

Intermingling cannot be completely avoided, but having or developing the abilities of understanding the mutual impact of self and surrounding is important for one.

That is when you can handle situations better. And that is where it's YOU who MAKE it.

Life is a journey to travel, and also to enjoy.

Last point, many times we do not know that ultimate goal or purpose of our life.

But if we pause to listen to our inner self, it shows the direction.

Having or developing the attitude for building right skill within YOU, and strengthening yourself is the right approach to move ahead in this journey.

As long as the direction and approach is right, or corrected/build as needed, "Life is Good" :)