Are you Living in Multiple Worlds??

Last evening as I was taking a walk in my apartment, I noticed a kid playing badminton really well.

I couldn't see his partner initially, as there were a few trees in my view. As I moved closer, I saw that he was playing with his father - another happy feeling.

As I reached further closer to them, I saw the father - with racket in one hand and his smart phone in other - trying to juggle between the two.

The kid, though having a nice practise of the game with his father, appeared feeling little irritated with partial presence of his father in the game.

Clicking a snap would have been a privacy issue, so the scene / situation is described in words. And I am sure that many of you would notice such incidences around, or even find yourself being in similar situations - on either side of it.

Though we have means and modes for doing more .. being present at multiple places with multiple people at the same time .. have the ability to do more tasks in parallel, still we feel anxious ..

We feel anxious as divided attention or focus is not good in all the situations and tasks that we participate in or do. 

There are things we can do in parallel, like listening to music, or finishing calls while walking or driving. Making a bill payment on-line, while another email/status update in loading and so on... As long as we are alone, and try to multitask in this manner, its OK. Or if we are trying to multitask many of our on-line/virtual tasks, they might seem manageable. Still things don't mix-well when there is a lot of difference in type/context of above mentioned tasks. And during those times its better to switch off this mode of multitasking, and focus on finishing one task at a time to do it in less anxious manner.

Then there are situations and tasks, specially when we are working with other people also, which require us to provide single focus and expect synchronisation. And that time, if we do not do so, other person goes through anxiety in figuring out the right moment for getting our attentions and focus - which in turn brings coldness/resentment/stress etc. in most relationships. And if you notice this, or are going though with it, its better to develop the wisdom to decide your presence in the world that deserves you the most at that point of time.

The conclusion is that there is no universal behaviour though ... Still, being aware of the situation and the context and quickly adapting to that with full focus and attention is the key to have less stress and more happiness in your life and relationships, resulting efficiency in your actions.