My Choice

I saw Deepika's "My Choice" video, and then also the Husband's similar video, in response. 

Somewhere, I agree with both - A women, instead of being too suppressed and controlled, should be free to live her life, and seek of freedom, and pleasures in order to remain healthy, positive and productive. While, husbands feeling of their diet, exercise and toilet routine being controlled by their wives, was convincing. 

But why should these be so rebelling feelings. Why can't a husband take care of his own health, and discipline of his life, instead of being it defined by his wife, and then cribbing about it? And why can't relationships, and society be that accommodating for a women that one doesn't even notice the control, and come out resonating with "My Choice"

At one end, as I agree with the need and desire to be free, to be able to live, on the other, I also think of why it is not... and assuming if it it there - a free society .. the next though comes bothering me, if there would be misuse of such freedom?

I conclude, there are many wrongs in our system, and society, so time to time one reflects and resonates with such thoughts and feelings .. and these wrongs have to go .. they have to end .. we deserve a better system .. both as a man and a women.. and in order to have so, we also need to be much-much better man and woman.. 

As, Role is associated with Responsibility, in similar manner Choice is associated with Ability ..

- The ability to choose right, the confidence to decide and carry on with ones choices, and also to live with the results, and make appropriate corrections, if something goes wrong when one makes a wrong choice.. 

I feel that the message in the video is incomplete.. it only talks about choices, and assumes the basis wisdom, or ability of making right choices is already there in people .. while the fact is that not we all are so & that wise.. so if we only talk about the half, there is a chance of things being misused, and create the chaos ... This message clearly comes out in the Husband's video, where there is no acknowledgement about living a healthy life .. 

So the makers, should have also scrutinised it about the impact on society, and would have not started with basic assumption, and from the point of view of pure publicity. 

Video, would have been less debatable, if it were complete with the message of creating Ability, and resulting with Options, and then, having the Confidence of making Right Choices, and Living a Good Life with them :)

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