A bubble about IoT, specially “Conscious Systems”

Recently (on April, 24th) I was speaker at GIDS’15, and I spoke on "Handling Sensors Data to Create Today's Internet of EveryThing (IoET)".
As I discuss this topic, I not only speak about connected devices, but I also emphasise on making them intelligent, and sensitive to humans so that these devices/systems could truly assist us, then expecting us to control them.
The talk was highly appreciated. The hall was houseful, and finally organisers had to close doors to stop entry, and many - who missed - are eagerly waiting for the video to be uploaded for the same.

Before that in Feb, I also spoke at WIAD’15, an event that also caught attention of the Hindu, BusinessLine and there also I spoke on similar lines, though approach and examples used were different as per the audience, and the topic was "Consciousness & automation in s/w, systems : Information, Architecture and Possibilities”.
People really love the idea of having not only SMART, but also CARING systems.
As tech-community here is the best place to create an awareness, and work on the systems of future. I request all to give it a thought.. we could also discuss in detail as needed, and see what alignment is to be brought to your/current products/solutions.

A few pics of events -