Color-based Clustering of People

Taken from - - just to illustrate

Grouping, Clustering, Classification etc., are important elements of systems and methods, as well as of life - so is association with Colors.

Here, I want to share just an observation with you all that I am noticing for past few weeks.

In office settings, I have noticed people wearing similar colors often. It is simple to understand with men clothing, specially formals, as there are limited variations. But the same, I noticed for women clothing too. I thought, may be, people who work together, have similar settings, and associated emotions, so is the color dominance in the environment.

But, the same I noticed in other public places, like parks, play grounds, malls etc. also.

It is clear that people don't plan so, and come in certain color clothing, but when you notice their distribution, its many times color based.

Once, my eyes stuck onto this phenomenon, I have started to observe it more often.

And even noticed, that multiple small groups or people, say two or more each, also have certain common and dominating colors.

May be there is a physics around the wavelength of colors, and associated distributions, along with correlation between people, their work, place etc.

Pl. look around and share if you notice stated "Color-based Clustering of People" around you - or any theory or study that you are aware of the same.

PS: In cover pic, you may notice the distribution of pink/red and black colors.