Happy Birthday to "Life, Odds & Ends"

I grew up as an avid reader, for whom book used to get over but not time .. 

During extracurricular activities, I participated in various competing and activities, and some of which included some sort of writing too ..

Further, as part of my education and profession, I have written Research Papers, White Papers, and Business and Technology articles etc. ..

A thinker in me made me write blogs, and motivational emails as well .. 

One day a friend asked, "You write so well, give such fabulous examples.. connect things so well.. so why don't you write a book?"

Though by research papers, published in conference proceedings, are search-able in google books .. But .. Until then, I had never thought that I'd ever write a book, stories, or fiction .. 

But the idea clicked ..

I started .. wrote a few paragraphs .. didn't lots of research in humans way of living, by reading biographies, talking to people etc.. and come up with a few contextual storyline.. 

Once I crossed writing about 50 pages, in bits and pieces, I got a confidence of completing these stories too .. I saw a shape in it .. Friends liked what I wrote .. and rest then progressed..

Exactly an year ago, on Jan 9th, I had my lecture in Saarang 2014, a cultural festival at IIT Madras, further to which I had the first launch of my book, "Life, Odds & Ends", by Mr. Dalton Eddy @ IITM with help of IIT Madras Alumni Association.. 

The second launch was in Feb during Delhi Book Fair by Mr. Ashok Chakradhar, the famous poet, and I can never forget the poem he read articulating the gist of the stories of my book.. 

Then there was a series of subsequent launches, talks, and book reading event at various places, including my talk at UIUC, IL in August, 29th, 2014 ..

TOI, further covered a few events, including panel participation at IITM in the month of Sept, 2014. In the month of December, 2014, I received my first cheque, from publisher towards the book sale in last financial year ..

A journey to remember .. a path seen to go further .. and a moment to look back, consolidate and celebrate .. the first birthday of my second baby, my book, "Life, Odds & Ends", and also of 'Author Anvita Bajpai' .. 

Thanks all who were there to help & support in some or the other way, in this journey of mine .. to walk with me .. and to all my readers, fans & followers - who actually helped me reach this milestone, and enable me go further, along with balancing many other 'personal and professional' roles :) ... 

Thanks again for sharing the moment with me .. being there in some or the other way .. and .. Happy Birthday LOE ..

"Live, Laugh & Love .. Always .."

-- Anvita Bajpai.

@YouTube - My Book's "Life, Odds & Ends" Trailer - http://youtu.be/7i485G11B3g (created by ME)