As we talk about futuristic products, we start looking at movies like HER, or 'Minority Report' for ideas or concepts, or to get validation and so on ..

A passing thought, why the title of the movie was HER, and why not HIM, or THAT etc?

Another passing thought - as the references of movies caught my attention - on page#11, of my book "Life, Odds & Ends", in the chapter "Phoenix" of the first story, "Drawing Parallels", as I refer to the concept of Rebirth, I refer to the movie "The HOST" as follows:

"When one loses everything, shakes hands with death,the soul still remains alive and finds a new host. With a newname, it starts a journey of learning the new life like a naivebaby. Everything is new and exciting. Curiosity keeps the brain alive and the need, the desire to exist gives it strength and enthusiasm."

So, at one end, we talk about creating super powerful and elegant algorithms/software products that can be our companion, and, on the other we talk about still 'Being Human'..

Thoughts had already caught attention... I, further, think of those mythological stories, and wonder why Gods depicted in those stories didn't have the perfect and ideal life.. Rama, Krishna, Shiva ... inspite of seeing signs of having achieved the power in science and technology. [an article @ http://www.marketexpress.in/2013/09/futuristic-technologies-and-mythology.html]

Does it convey somewhere that life is beyond perfection??


We need to really evolve a lot to achieve that perfection??

Thoughts welcomed :)