"To BE or not to BE?" - Is that the real question?

"To BE or not to BE?" - I shared this question on my FB wall a few days ago and many of my friends responding saying 'BE', and wrote related philosophy too .. Yes it's important to 'BE' and its so simple for you to know that it's the path.. but still many face challenges as the real or hidden question about being is not clear to them and that question is "How to BE?"..

If a person is severely dispersed and takes an extreme step about his being, that time he doesn't consider about BEING.. until then we all try to BE .. 

But only a few are really calm and peaceful as they are the ones who have figured out the "How" aspect of it... 

And they are the ones, who live their lives, add value to the life of others and also leave a mark, even when they are not there ... we remember them and admire them in true sense .. 

"Sarai Devi" is one of those handful of people, who has learn of "How" aspect of being.. and her story is the second story that I am covering for 'The Turning Point" book in this month. Months ago as I sent out mailers asking for proposal/submissions for this book, I got overwhelming response, and it was difficult to shortlist a few that I could cover for this book.. But many submissions were about self/close friends etc., who are present there.. and I could meet/talk to them .. but this one was about s'one who was born more then 100 yrs from now.. and this young boy who is in the 4th generation in her family reached out to me saying, "My great-grand-mother had a turning point.. would you like to cover?" .. I paused for a while.. but found it interesting to go in that era in early 1900 and understand life/challenges then and write it.. And as I started on this projects, I realised this thought that it's never about "BEING", and its always about "How to BE" that defines the life and success of that (and associated) life (/lives).

Its interesting talking to a few members to their family, understanding their stories/versions of Mrs. Sarji Devi .. and then being in the process of writing it :)

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So the second story of "The Turning Point" - "To BE or not to BE?" is in progress .. I'm enjoying writing it, and I'm sure you'd enjoy too reading these stories :)

Have a nice weekend ahead :)