Book Bucket Challenge

Often I see friends sharing (on FB) their pick of top 10 books (probably) as part of the "Book Bucket Challenge".

Often they are from the best ten authors in literature .. pretty much famous ones .. 

I also like most of them - very much - personally.

But, I also notice that many of them are/were published an era/generation ago..

And I rarely see one listing of new books by today's authors.

I wonder, is it that there are no good authors now a days? or is it that after the childhood, many of us stopped reading? or one lists just based on popularity and resulted social status|acceptance, then the relevance in todays time.

To elaborate more, in India Munshi Premchand or Tagore was a great story tellers, but their stories reflect the times of previous generations .. So why not we really read a share the names of best books of todays time? which may be more resonating and contextual .. 

My picks for todays urban matured readers (including me) - based on my interactions during most of my talk, and otherwise - is the following - 

"Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg - about "Women, Work and Their will to lead - talks about men's side too - and related social issues"

"Life, Odds & Ends" by Anvita Bajpai (ME) - about "Exploring Balance in the Relationship/Life"

"Raising a Father" by Arjun Sen - about "Parenting - a Father's Perspective"

"Complete/Convenient" by Ketan Bhagat - about "Man's Side of Emotions"

"The Startup of YOU" by Reid Hoffman & Ben Casnocha - about "Exploring Ways to 'Go'"

Guess 5 is a good number to begin with.. Further, listed books cover both - professional and personal - aspects of today's man and woman.