The fault in our stars

"The Fault in Our Stars" - watched this movie last week., as I liked the name at the first place (pain resonates) and then based on IMDB rating. 

As I was reading the movie review, for a second I felt that it could be a little depressing movie to watch, as it feels bad when you see people with pain and suffering .. but went as still felt like.. and it turned out to be a real good pick.

In the movie they show three friends, suffering from cancer - one has no eyes, and other has lost one leg, and the girl has to be with her oxygen mask all the time. Still how they add value to each-other, and complement each other is something worth noticing in this movie. In the movie, they knew that they were dying, and there was a visible disability but I guess that even in real life, we - the so called normal people - also don't have some or the other ability/quality, and then s'one else keeps fulfilling it for us, and makes the life liveable. 

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Just the routine, makes it dull and boring, and even depressing sometimes, but then how living for small things/desires brings life to people is also noticeable fact, shown in this movie.

Further, families of the sufferers, they had a choice to leave their kids in some orphanage, and live a better faster life - but the things worth noticing is "if there is a better/faster life?"... just because s'thing is paining in our body, we don't cut and throw that organ off .. we try healing it, or live with it, the concept is extended to the family and can further be extended to the society, and thats what is life - a lived one ..

Last, trust is an important parameter to give strength, bring hope. The girl, likes a book and finds hope with that, the author of the book appears like a god figure to her.. but when they happen to meet, she sees a miserable person behind the great author, she admired .. In short, even with his own limitations, a person always has the ability to contribute to s'one else's life.. 

May be thats why, we all are there, so many kinds of living beings, to add value to each other - a small component of some big creation.

At the end, I'd say that the movie highlights concepts of complimenting each other/adding value to be complete .. it also says that in Life, Struggle and Hope progress together, may be in different ratios at different times - but that is life.


At the end, I would also recommend you to read my book, "Life, Odds & Ends", for more contextual self-reflection and to be able to value Self, Others and Life :)

An interview published in Deccan Chronicle, Bangalore on May 27th, 2014, Page# 18 -