Lean In and ME and LOE

After a busy month of May, June (first week) began with a though of spending little more time for reading, and less time from writing, consulting, communicating for events/workshops/talks etc., that I typically divide my working time in.

I started with much awaited "Lean In". 

Can't deny accepting seeing a mirror for self with many "IT'S ME" moments while reading it. 
A detailed article (on it) is on the way, but can't wait to share this little note until then.

At present I'm on chapter#8, page#116 - and people who read the book, would know how it feels as one reads it. 

I truly advocate Sheryl's thought as she says, "Women have to lean in more professionally, and men to their families."

Inspite of being on a very liberating end, I do feel many of the mentioned emotions in the book - many times. I wonder and feel for the diversity that we share among ourselves. 

She also talks about 'penalty' - the same issue/emotion that I discuss in my talks/book-readings/workshops, and provide my suggestions to overlook/overcome it. 


Further, can't help sharing that in the last story "My World" of "Life, Odds & Ends", Rumi ended up living her life alone with her daughter, as she and her husband, Sunil, were not able to resolve this balance of 'Leaning In' by both sides, and then other circumstances, that defines Rumi's destiny in the story. 

One can reflect - why Sunil was not able to lean in - as Sheryl explains many parameters for the same. And many resonate with the pain of Rumi as well. 

I would also like to share that one girl, after reading this story, shared with me that she really felt helpless about the resonating feelings derived after reading the story, and then also motivated to do something about it.

Professor Hema Murthy from IIT Madras also wrote me, "Dear Anvita, I did read all the stories. Interesting and topical stories -- gives a career's woman's perspective..."


And not just "Lean In" and "Life, Odds & Ends", movies like "Shaadi ke Side Effects", or Aliya Bhatt's dialogue in "2 States", as she asks if the guy knows how to cook, when she were supposed to impress her to-be-mom-in-law - We all in some or the other manner are defining the changing social need. 

I have a question, which one need not answer here, but has to think about - and that question is - "What are we doing about it?", and "Is that enough?"

Further, what public sector/corporates or government is doing about it? - practically?

Can't many things be changed with a good combination of inner-voices, supporting policies, laws, and a little more awareness of the same?

Can't we just be FAMILIST?, not in it's literal meaning - but be a life in a world where the focus is equally emphasised for "Live", Evolve", "Create" and "Nurture" - both for men and women.