8 more days to go!

BTW, as one draws 8 with pencil, no matter where one starts from, he goes about completing two circles and comes back to the same points.

Does it convey that even in the journey of life, we keep going in circles and come back to the same point?

Literally, "no", but philosophically, "yes".

In same way, it also reflects the endless journey of life, death and then the new life - i.e. as finish your circles, come back to the same point, and start again and keep going on and on, and make the same 8.

But, wait to notice a small change as you keep repeating this exercise multiple times - You would notice that the shape doesn't change, but it keeps getting darker.

This further, reflects the evolution to me.

Even thousands years ago, we had the same cycle of human life that we have now. The only difference between now and than is that now we live a more sophisticated, and assisted life. Also working on further betterment of it.
- which could be related to the darkness, in the process of repeat writing 8 multiple times.

What happens when you keep doing it endlessly?

The paper, or the surface tears off, and that reflects to the concept of 'Pralaya' / 'Qayamat' / 'Judgement Day' to me.

Happy "Drawing Parallels" :)

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