6 more days to go.

In the scale of 1 to 10, '6' is the number that starts to signal towards majority - that further can be related to power - the ability to take decisions, to execute, and to make things happen.

- Power in good hands can bring changes, for good.

- And power in bad hands can also bring changes, but not for good.

We can browse through history to see examples of both kinds, and also learn from them. 

As said that there is no rewind button in life. So one can only be cautious to be GOOD, and learn from the BAD crossed by. 

Further, the shape of 6 conveys to me that one starts from a point, goes in a direction - keeps going - takes turns - may realise at some point, that a point crossed was the best - takes a U turn - and starts going to that point, that is related to the BEST. 

Repeating the best lived moment - at least in memories - does bring happiness. 

These moments [both, good and bad] create the 'Odds & Ends' of a human LIFE.


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