5 more days to go.

5 is the centre number - associated with fair and equal distribution - on the scale of 1 to 10.

The moment, one hears the mention of #5, a lot of positive, auspicious and revolutionary things also click to ones mind. To name a few,
- 'PanchTatva'
- 'PanchAmrit'
- '5 fingers' - and associated example of strength in unity..
- '5 continents', and the list continues to..
and many more such examples..

The shape of number 5 resembles to the women's life to me.
- The top line is associated with the time in women's life, that she spends at her parents place, since birth till she gets married. 
- The next line defines the turn that her life takes post-marriage. 
- The next line can be related with the motherhood phase in her life - the life after child-birth - to - till kids grow up. 
- And the curve, further, defines her journey of finding a new-self (with the void faced), after she has successful covered the journey of being a daughter, wife and mother. 

So many curves & turns, not only in her body, but also in her life - make her the mysterious beauty and the endless discovery.

Further, we are all similar in certain sense, but with our own uniqueness. The women characters defined in LOE beautiful capture this concept.


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