4 more days to go.

As I started writing on these numbers - as part of my countdown for the event - I started to wonder, how many associations, reflections and emotions a number could can trigger to.

4 reminds me of four direction [East, West, North and South], 4 'pahar' of the day, 4 seasons etc., till the song "jahan char yaar" starts to hum in my mind.

At personal level, I also relate it with 4 major, overlapping parts of my life -
1. as a small/young girl/princess - full of curiosity and dreams
2. as student and in hostel - full of exploration, learning and fun
3. as professional - trying to touch the sky - putting my bit for evolution
4. as mother and wife - feeling more contained, grow to mature

4 is further important as LOE has 4 stories in it - emphasising on 4 different aspects of modern urban life.


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