3 more days to go.

3 immediately makes me remember the 'Tridev' - the three gods - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, who Create, Nurture and Destroy the life, respectively.

At times, I wonder "what is God?"

Is it a power - or just some story - or if they are/were humans? - like me and you - but lived a life, setting examples, and so remembered.

We can have our own beliefs about it, and Hindu mythology gives a complete freedom to debate, to understand. 

But whatever it is, one thing that we all would agree with - is - that the name/story defines more power or strength in them/their character then a common human being has - and the respect is for that strength, if nothing else.

If I go studying other religions or beliefs like Christianity, Buddhism etc., there also I see that there are God figures, stronger than an average common man.

But, one more thing that also makes me think is - if they were so good then why there are questions associated with their lives?

- Like, Brahma and his daughter, Rama and Sita, Radha and Krishna, Shiva's innocence and anger both, Buddha and his departure from his defined life, Jesus Christ and his sufferings .. the list can go on.

It somewhere conveys that even the greatest life - one studies - could still be related with some questionable things. It also conveys that somewhere we are not perfect, and are evolving towards perfection. 

These are - Lives, Odds & End - to understand and to perfect. 
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