2 more days to go.

The quick response to number 2, comes to my mind - is - two people joining hands to make a Couple - and deciding to spend rest of their lives with each-other. 

In a lifetime we come across many people, and related interactions - brief or otherwise - do shape us in some way. 

But the promise of "Till Death Do Us Part" requires Commitment, Tolerance, Acceptant, Honesty, Trust, Love, Shared Responsibilities, Understanding, Support and Protection etc. 
- "All of Them" and "All the Time".
- And it's two-ways.

- And that is when two individuals find a new Identity and Happiness of being a couple, than being Individuals. 

- And its not just about hanging around - it's about Enjoying each moment of Togetherness and Life.

Am I talking about Gods, or a very ideal/scripted beings? 

- NO. I am just talking about bringing out the best in self. 

As two individuals bring out the Best in them to be Together, they form a Couple. 

Otherwise too there are "Life, Odds & Ends".


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