0 more days to go.

The final day, or the D'day ..

My daughter recently said, "I have 9 fingers."

I wondered how come!

I said, "We all have 10 fingers."

And she counted it again for me - 0, 1, 2, .. 9.

I tried correcting her, "We start counting from '1'."

She replied, "But in lift, it starts from '0'."

I felt happy that she at least excluded '-1'.

Thinking of "Product Usability Analysis", I think of lifts having numbers mentioned as 'B1', 'G', '1', '2' .... (which I think is a good example to be included in my talk at Vodafone on coming Wednesday)

Anyways, in her limited domain she was not wrong in her counting - just with the shifted base.

I further think of conceptual meaning associated with '0' - as Swami Vivekananda spoke on it when he visited America years ago.

I further think of small things in life - which we can compare with '0' - and then notice how they add value.

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