Summer, and the water problem...

As a small child
I was always taught
To see the half filled
Part of the glass
To feel positive
To know optimism 

Now, as a grown up adult
On a sunny summer day
As there is a sudden stoppage 
Of water supply
In the taps
In my apartment
(And others around too)

I see FB posts and mails 
Reflecting associated helplessness
I am reminded of the commonality, 
My helplessness, and dependency
At least on the water issue

Water issue, 
That seems so big now

The fear of unknown
Of not having the knowledge 
Of when, and for how long 
The water will come

I feel my life being remotely controlled by
The tanker driver
The water vendor, and
The association staff
And some careless fellow residents, 
who don't care to save water

The swimming pool from the window of 19th floor
Appears like a mirage
And I feel like a begger 
Sitting on the other side of the road,
Who sees people inside Dominos
Eating, and wasting a delicious pizza

I see the empty glass
In my kitchen 
And still try to feel
For having been able
To have the possibility
Of catching a glass of water
As it comes in the kitchen tap

As they say
"everything happens for good"

I see the good - 
That the summer-water problem
Rewards me with a poem

And a new phrase to replace the golden-old phrase
Mentioning the 'half empty/half filled glass'
With having been able to
Own a glass, tap 
And the possibility of having it filled 
At "some" time ..

This is how we live a life
Filled with hope ..