Keeping an eye open for opportunity.

Keeping an eye open for opportunity

Connecting the dots, elevator pitch, connecting and networking and many more such terms and phrases not only remind us of successful people, but also put stress on individual on how to be good at it. Does it happen only in offices (work place), conferences and other networking events? Is it important to not to miss out dinner meets, and hang-out opportunity during coffee and smoke?

The answer is yes and no, both. 

Yes, as in a system, when one meets other individuals with similar focus and gets the opportunity or express her ideas, and further gets recognition which further may result into a possible success story. Some of the mentioned situations/places make place for these opportunity for certain individuals and so there is a hype.

"Hype", I would say, as that's not the only way to make a success story. Let me connect a few dots to emphasise my point. 

I stay on the 19th floor in my apartment block, a lady staying a few floors down meets me often in lift. Women typically end up talking about the place, people, weather, kids, facilities etc. However, there is more to an individual, to a women too. So we started talking about what we do and what we like. I told her that I am in the process of writing a book (before my book actually got published) and I love to write, she also told me that she loves working in art and craft. 

After my book got published, I went to give her the book, as she was among the first few ones who knew that I was writing. We started to have further detailed conversations about people, society, personal issues, and also the kind of problems/opportunities we faced in our careers.

This lady is in the process of developing a business in her arts and craft work, and me being an IIMB alumni, gave her a few business tips. 

Many say, "women don't think big", and probably it is true also because of various contributing factors. However, how to make them think big, again comes out of seeing a bog opportunity by themselves and the realisation of that "THEY CAN". 

So, as this lady was showing me a few of her drawings one day. I really liked her work, and I told her that I have an idea of writing a book for kids, and would she be interested in doing illustrations for her. The girl in her, as she sees the opportunity to be famous, is ready to work on it, and think beyond her constraints. 

The passion is her eyes was totally different for illustrations for book, as compared to the art and craft work that she had been doing. For that time, I saw her think big, and think beyond her constraints.

I understand we all have to be ready to see and show these opportunities to one-another, and not just keep running behind the text-book keywords.