Correlated or uncorrelated - on the latest episode of 'Satyamev Jayate'

After watching the latest episode of 'Satyamev Jayate' we were just discussion corruption and scams. 

A story was told about an old women of a village, who trusted her Sarpanch and believed that her salary (of the labour work done) would come one day, and died while waiting for it for years. 

The conclusion of this and few more incidents discussed was that there is no humanity left and big scams happen when the bread is snatched from the poorest people, who don't have means to satisfy their basis needs too, and the person cheating on them knows that.

I was just thinking that we live in a world full of diversities, and at each level - majority of us - are cheating on someone in some manner or are being cheated by s'one. Each one would have their own justifications/morals to do so as well.

Last night, I was telling a story to my daughter (going to be 4 yrs soon), where I was trying to explain to her when lying is ok, and when it is bad - I was equally anxious if she misinterprets/twists the understanding. Very recently she learnt the concept of lie, and also learnt to differentiate the related articulation caused by mistake. 

I was wondering, if the issue is not just scam, corruption etc - but it were a bigger issue of morality and values. If each one of us are good, people living by the right principles, then there is no issue at all - otherwise we pay this price for running the system with imperfect people - buffer at each level, the way we do during project planning also.

And it does happen with each income level in society. If I see the so called privileged and educated people around, I see them being one diminutional human beings and struggling to find balance - we may call it problems driven by consumerism, or connect it with ambitions and greed, or relate it with insecurities and low-confidence - right seems to be difficult to be lived with (you may check out LOE for a few details of this class of problems)

The next thought was if we are evolving towards that ideal society, or have learnt to live with the imperfections. Is the progress negative or positive?

Like all big problems have solutions defined by understanding fundamentals - I feel convinced that its about the right values and upbringing, and its more related to social/family scenario than other things.

Assume a society where a couple is well settled, matured and understanding enough, they would surely give a good upbringing to their child. And many such couples would create an amazing new race of those ideal beings that we want around to handle and do things. Until then 'law, order and policing' can control and how much of what can again be debatable. 

And all kinds of problems can easily be linked with human values.

To me it's all like domino's chain reaction, and requires innovative way of being able to create and nurture the ideal beings to break out of problems of all sorts. 

Pic. source - from internet

An old read story comes to my mind -

An individual (A) was walking between the shore and a corner towards a side, on a beach. The other person (B) who noticed him doing it many times, couldn't help going and checking what that individual 'A' was doing. 

So 'B' asked 'A', "What are you doing?"

'A' replied, "I am putting these star-fishes back to the water."

Looking at the lot of those star-fishes, 'B' asked again, "But there are so many of them. You alone can't put all of them back to water anyways. So what difference your efforts would make?"

'A' smiled, picked a few star-fishes and went towards water, and put them in, and replied, "It makes a difference to these few living-beings."

The moral of the story is - Think big, and do the small bit - and if each one of us do that, the world would change.