The Change

Things have changed. My book "Life, Odds & Ends" got published and launched - once at IIT Madras in Jan 2014, and further at World Book Fair, Delhi in Feb 2014.

So finally I became a published author. This morning, I just did a google search for my name, and found my book/writing details, images and videos significantly visible. It also threw a few results, related to my technology articles, and research publications. 

A friend from Oracle calls me 'multitalented Anvita'. Probably, he is right. 

Sometimes, I feel I am not the only one as there are quite a few who have explored various things in their life. After all there is only one life, and it has to be lived fully.

Sometimes, I also read some noticeable description about people, for example, Amish who wrote Shiva Trilogy, is introduced as "boring banker turned happy author" at one of the portals. Many times, people change as they are not fully into where they were/are, and find something more soothing... And sometimes, it happens as you go with the flow. 

For me, I guess, it was 'going with the flow'. As I was doing more technology work, I did good work, and enjoyed it too. Now as I explored the other side of me, I am enjoying this one too. 

There are plus/minus with everything. I guess, its more like those combo offers, and you pick one where it is most inclined with your interest, situation and possibilities. 

My very first blog on this site 'Flooding with Choices' comes to my mind, and then the first line of book introduction sounds so true to me - “Life is an interesting puzzle that we all solve in our own ways”. . .  

And these attempts of solving this puzzle does define an individual's life. Further, what we remember at the end are just 'Bits and Pieces' OR 'Odds & Ends' of Life.