Directions ..

I look up
see the sky..

So big!
So high..

I see the clouds,
shapes in the clouds,

I feel motivated to be like sky,
reach it,
touch it,
and feel it..

I see the horizon -
see the sky meeting the earth there.
Aah! so that's the point where sky meets earth -
see a direction,
towards approachability..

I take my compass,
start driving in the direction
where I see the sky meeting the earth..

I keep going,
and going..

It's far it seems
I feel tired,
but get going.
I start to lose direction,
but keep searching..

Then I realise that
I have come back to the same place,
I have started with..

The world is round -
I have experienced it..

Then I realise my mistake -
the sky is up there
and I was going in a perpendicular direction..

As that's the direction known to me.
I couldn't reach,
as my direction was wrong..

But I don't give up.
I still want to go to the sky.
I jump.
I fall back..

Gravity - my bonds with earth - pull me back.
I need to break my bonds.
I need to fight gravity to go to touch the sky.
I decide to work on it..

I prepare.
I make rocket.
I sit in it.
I start counting -
10, 9, 8, 7, ... 3, 2, 1..

I move -
move away from mother earth.
I am excited to reach and cross the sky,
catch my ambitions,
hold my dreams..

I see myself -
crossing the clouds.
Beautiful clouds..

I go further up.
I cross the atmosphere.
I feel friction.
I feel fire.
I see the darkness -
and beautifully shining stars in the dark..

I see Moon.
I see Mars.
I see mother Earth.
I see the Sun.
I see Galaxies..

I feel complete.
I feel contained.
I feel 'I am the universe'..

I had to find my directions,
and the right way to work
to find my dreams.
I had to break my bonds,
and face resistance..

And then I am rewarded -
with this beautiful experience
called 'life'..