The Difficulty of Being Good

Pinky's story - from the book -

The small girl, Pinky, was very pretty and loved by all around.

One day Pinky's mother was arranging a few boxes. She saw a crown and asked what that was. Her mother said that her great-grandfather was a king and it was his crown.

She went to school next day and told her friends, “I am a princess as my great-grandfather was a king”.

All the kids made fun of her and told her to not to joke.

But the young girl was serious, "My mother never lies, and I have seen the crown".

Pinky didn't agree to change her status even after lots of resistance, negotiation and humiliation.

After the last class, Pinky's jealous and frustrated friends pinched her, around her knee area, until she almost fainted. Finally, all ran away before they were caught, with a sense of teaching her a lesson.

In a little consciousness, Pinky was murmuring, “I don't lie”.

The girl, who was the best-friend to all, suddenly became their enemy as she sounded better than them.