Mirror maze

I am waiting in a volvo bus, on the way to Microsoft (to attend a meeting for Microsoft Accelerator). Driver has gone to have his meal. AC of the bus is on, loud music - and I am thinking that I could have sat in other bus. 

Finished checking my emails. Checking a few pics on my phone to kill time. A few from 'innovative film city' - 'mirror maze' ones.

Life is like a 'mirror maze'. 

You got to find your way out. You see lights, and start walking. Hit a mirror, got to think of changing the direction. Many times, it's like going round and round. If you are lucky/smart enough, you don't hit a mirror and keep going, and reach 'out'. 

It also happens that you come out from the entry gate itself and if you are not exhausted enough, you go in again and find your way out again. Sometimes, you may decide to not to try again. And sometimes, you may get help from the attenders/ fellow players. 

It is still interesting as well as satisfying - to find your way out - all by yourself - like living your own life.

My daughter, Yashoda, in front of the mirror maze.