Does learning stop?

Parenting, specially motherhood, is an enriching experience. I often take time to reflect/write about my parenting moments and Khushi's growing up years; and this time I notice my 6+ years old daughter is trying to find answers related to identity. 

She often worries about 'what she'd become' when she grows up. Further, as she wants to be/do more than one thing, she wonders how she could find a unified way to be/do all she desires. I try talking about main expertise, and passion activities. I also explain changes that ones life goes though. I give examples to Ashoka, Buddha and Gandhi etc..

As I talk about 'Life Long Learning', she wonders if/when all big famous people were complete/perfect. 

Last night she asked me, "Mumma! did Mahatma Gandhi complete all his learning?" 

And I told her that as long as he lived he kept figuring out the best - until he was shot dead one day. I added if he would have continued living, he would have figured out more things based on what he would have faced/lived by. 

Next, she asked me why good and bad people both try to stop each other; and my thoughts took me to mythological stories where there are a separate residing places 'Akash' and 'Patal' for 'Gods' and 'Demons'. 

I try not to draw boundaries as far as possible to help her be/think free. I often tell her stories related to morals, and values. I also tell her stories related to 'something bad resulting in something good'. I also tell her stories related to our own imperfections, and related acceptances - focusing on working around strengths. 

In my limits, I try to do my best ... And .. I wish that she lives a good life :)