Happy 6th Birthday to Yashoda :)

Today is my daughter Yashoda's 6th Birthday. As I was planning for her birthday, I realised that being of 6 yrs is a significant milestone in life

Parents would agree with me that with kids, one has to be on their toes for each and every day to make sure that each of the personal, professional and family needs are met. Yet! time does fly. So do I feel about these 6 years (+pregnancy time) - I really dont know how quickly this time passed by.
Being of 6 yrs is important from one more perspective - considering 60 being the age of retirement, a child at 6 has completed 1/10th of the journey of his or her life until his of her retirement. It's a significant milestone. 
I also thought that the way these 6 yrs flew, like in a blink of eye. Next 6 yrs would also pass, and then she'd be 12 yrs. And then further, 6 yrs later, she would celebrate her 18th birthday. And so on..

Right now she knows many things theoretically - that I keep sharing in forms of blogs/posts. At 12, she would develop more abilities to be able to do things independently. And at 18, she would earn legal rights to take major decisions of her life. If I go further at 24, 30, and so on I see that each that step means a major development in life. 
These milestones are not only important for her, but for me too, as a mother I have my seen my own development as a human being. And thats why I occasionally call her "GIFTY" - a gift for me that really adds value to my life. 
I have had many-many memories with her, and I cherish them. 
For now, she wants to become astronaut when she grows up. We (me and V) have taken her to watch this movie called Martian, and she was amazed to know that it takes years to go to some other planet. After, coming home, she hugged me and said, "Mumma! I'd give you a very big hug before I go to space, as it'd take many days and I'd miss you.".. I felt happy seeing her plan her life. 
I wish that she grows up being healthier and wiser - and lives a good life.
A very-very happy birthday dear little GulGul :)