Recognitions & Appreciations :)

Following are a few of the received compliments that I value a lot - 


1. Vinod (my husband) after watching 'Wazir' (movie), "Very intense movie. You also write such stories only.

I smiled, remembering that sometime back he had compared my writings to that of Ayn Rand .. and I was honoured :)


2. And then compliments, and the proud look that I receive from my daughter time-to-time, "My mumma is an author. :)"


3. Next, I remember my sister telling me after looking at my bookshelf, "That's why you are so good Didi, and express things so nicely :)

That was the time when I had accumulated my collection of books while I was away from home for more time - at hostels/work etc..


4. I also remember before the launch of "Life, Odds & Ends", I was giving a talk at 'UXINDIA 2013', and one of the co-speaker told me, "I know an author with same as your's name. She writes so beautifully. I have read many of her posts." ... 

And I replied with a smile, "I'm the same person :)" ..


Good memories never go away .. let me get some-more time to share them with you as they click to my mind :)

- Anvita