Need “h-ways” - further to “i-ways” and “high-ways”, as defined by Mr. Modi while speaking with Mr. Zuckerberg

I actually wrote this post last week, after watching this video of conversation, followed by Q&A  between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mr. Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook HQ in San Jose, California.
At one end, PM Modi appreciated the need and use of technology in the society (by using the term “i-ways”), and on the other hand, he also emphasised the developmental needs of India (by using the term “high-ways”). He also spoke why there are good investment and business opportunities in India, and related economics in brief, while answering questions. 
Mr. Zuckerberg got his parents introduced to PM Modi, and also mentioned about his India visit that he made years ago based on recommendations of Late Mr. Jobs. He mentioned about points that he sees positive in India, and with PM Modi. 
A thought provoking conversation, and Q&A. Hence, I’d want to share a few evoked thoughts, in four points, for brainstorming or self-reflections.  
By following four points, I’d also like to introduce this term called “h-ways”, -further to “i-ways and “high-ways” (as defined by PM Modi) - which is also very much needed by the society today, and needs awareness and support
Point#1. Let me begin with where the video ends, and we notice that PM Modi felt emotional as he was speaking about his mother. He emphasised the meaning and role of the mother in a person’s life, and also spoke about the adjustments that a women makes to her life to take care of her family - TRUE - I agree with what he said.
Further, as per a proverb, it is said to take a village to raise a child. 
And I believe that everyone, who takes responsibility of a relationship - then may it be with the child or otherwise - makes adjustments, and tries his or her best for the well-being of the child or other-person. 
And upto a great extent, an individual’s personality is the resultant of all those impacts and associations derived out of these relationships, and their quality. 
Still, globally a mother does more for the child and the house - and there are studies/research/data proving this point - so is the acknowledgement for her that comes out when the role of mother is emphasised in a person's life.
 Point#2. "Women empowerment" was another important point that was highlighted during the conversation in the answer to a question asked. And as rightly answered by PM Modi, 
"Women have to be part of decision making process”.
I thank PM Modi as he emphasised the need of acknowledgement of mother's name in the child's school records. Further, he spoke about not letting the 50% of population’s-power/knowledge go waste.
But immediately, I see the conflict in priorities for an individual here, and with point#1, where we emphasised on the importance of mother in the child's life. 
Not that point#1 and #2 are mutually exclusive, but the challenge lies in understanding “of how” to have them both achieved together by an individual. 
I have also read "Lean In" - a book by Sheryl Sandberg, FB's COO, where she has written about her own juggling experiences with family, children and work. And research quoted in management schools, women's career path, and mid-life crisis in a person's life - all together - very clearly emphasise that if women have to go out to work, there has to be someone behind her taking care of house and child, and many people may not afford to have good social support, or hire quality workers to have such personal and important things outsourced - so, make those personal decisions of opting out in mid-career, or go through a career change etc. Mrs. Sandberg very rightly emphasises the need that it's not just women, but men also have to lean-in, in two different areas of unknown for them respectively. 
And that is when terms like metro-sexual man are popular, and also products like breast-pump (for baby feeding) are being built - because society needs it. But one also sees a lot of inertia towards adoption of these changes and feels the need of right policies from government and business owners only can accelerate this change and make it a viable one.
Point#3. In continuation of point#2 - PM Modi also mentioned the existence of Goddesses in Hindu belief, emphasising that people, at India, believe in women empowerment. I agree with the concept, but I also have a question about its execution, and let me explain it with following examples:
  • In mythological stories about Shiva (God), I have seen that powers and personality of Shiva is for doing good of the world, consistently, and the role of Gauri (his wife) is more family focused. But given a need Gauri also becomes Kali, and kills demon  Raktabija. 
This basically emphasises that integrating family and work has remained more important for woman than man ever since we talk about women powers. 
  • We can read more such stories or see depictions of other Gods and Goddesses like, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Krishna etc., and come to an understanding that men have been more focused towards their goals and objectives related to their work, which actually helped our earth to evolve - and (probably) that's why they are worshiped too, as mankind benefited by what they contributed to. And, women too had great abilities, and demonstrated it also time-to-time, but still remained focused on family, and worshipped more as mothers in defining the ways for the mankind to work - as also stated by PM Modi that mother’s focus is more on how the child does the task and not on what he does. 
As we all need the society (humans) to be strong as much as we need newer and better facilities for living - with right participation of men and women - this can only be achieved with newly defined ways of living or a needed definition, and implementation of the same. 
Point#4. Putting above mentioned points together, and also considering developmental and economic issues faced by our society, last (but not the least) point here - There has already been a lot of literature written, movies made, research & surveys conducted on one or more of the above mentioned topics and subtopics, still we often tend to see things in isolation. So, based on my awareness of such work and my understanding (before concluding this article) I would like to emphasise on what all we do/need as living-human-beings:
  • Firstly, we all have a need to live our lives. 
  • Further, as per the life force, we also create new lives, and see our extension in it. 
  • We further nurture these new lives based on our understanding and abilities. 
  • Further, we also see that there is a lot of scope of improvement in various aspects of our lives and we work for the same - either by ourselves or by being part of a larger ecosystem, in form of a job or association etc. - to evolve
And the conflict arises when one of these aspect starts to demand so much more time that other aspects starts to get ignored, and then each one of us goes though our own juggling to make ends meet.
And this happens as we do not put people in the centre. 
So, my request, to all of you and specially to all those people who have the ability to impact a larger number of lives, is to think about how we can work together like a big family and enable environment - not only for creating "high-ways" and "i-ways", with good-quality and fast-pace - but also to create "h-ways" (human ways) - where humans acquire the ability and supporting environment to be able to create and utilise those high-ways and i-ways, along with living a good-human-life.
And, you'd agree with me that good "h-ways" only will result in better "i-ways" and "high-ways". 
So, next big thing, as I see is a strong need for work, supporting environment and products for making each-one of us be aware of, and have the affordable quality in our lives. 

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