'Infinity' obsession

Khushi, my 5+yrs old daughter, seems to be so fascinated by this number called infinity. 

As a mother I have seen her learn and explore things and concepts, and in this process either I see a reflection of self and my husband (V), or get a new perspective of things

So, as she started to learn numbers and then numbers in languages (like 'one' in English, and 'ek' in Hindi), out of her curiosity, she started asking next big number of every number - as if she was trying to figure out where does it end. In that process she got introduced to infinity. 

Next answer that her brain had to find was how infinity looks like. And she was not just behind the symbol (sleeping eight - as she calls it), but she wanted to know where she can see infinity - very much like she sees in her counting books a pictorial representation of various numbers starting from 1 to 50. Also, she can count chairs of the dining table, fingers of her hand, her dresses, toys and many other things. 

However, number of people in the crowd, cars on a busy road etc are difficult to be counted for her, and she asks me, "How many..?" and I reply, based on my assessment, "100/1000/10,000/etc..." and she feels satisfied. 

But for infinity - it is difficult. 

She initially thought that things that you can't see in your viewpoint are infinity, so she asked me if the number of all the buildings in our city is infinity. 

And I answered, "No. Infinity is very-very big." 

Her immediate next question was, "Ok! If infinity is the number of buildings in India, or the world." 

I replied, "No! it's bigger."

"Ok! Then is it the number of people in the world?", she asked next, assuming each building contains many people. 

"No! they are 7B people.", I replied. 

Further to asking question on the process of counting population, she again came back to infinity. 

And these kinds of conversations took place (on-and-off) for a few days. It was difficult for her to know a number that she can't visualise. 

I than explained about starts, universe or total leaves of all the tress on earth etc. - as I could think of - as examples of defining infinity. 

She seemed to understand the number, and I found one of my 'successful mother moment' :)

But challenge doesn't end here. 

As she is also learning to add numbers, she asked me if we add '1' to infinity, what will it become? and I answered, "Its so big and it doesn't change."

Then she asked about addition of 100/1000/10,000/M/B, expecting the answer to change. But my answer didn't. 

"Its infinity only. No matter what you add to it.", I replied.

And I also see her struggling to believe that the result of addition is not changing. 

I again explained using the example of leaves of the tree. I tried showing her if we remove a leave in the tree, or a new leave comes up, we'd still count total leaves of all the trees in this world as infinity as we can't count them. 

"So things that we can't count are infinity." I said. 

She tried to partially agree with me.

I saw a reflection of self again - when as student, I was aspired to do one of the great discoveries, and I saw the possibility in Pythagoras Theorem. Somehow, I was not convinced that one can't draw a triangle that is against it. I spent hours in trying to draw a triangle, which could prove this theorem wrong. 

So while Khushi is trying to find her answers - believing or disbelieving in what I say - I find my answers, "Only a questioning mind has a possibility of looking beyond."